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1990 Porsche 944 Turbo SE (250)
106,000 Miles
Cream leather / Red Pipe
£9000 Spend in last 3 years

A late model SE 250 coupe in Guards Red is now a very collectable car and they have literally
doubled in value in the last 12 months alone - that's right, doubled in 12 months! It's common
knowledge air cooled models have boomed but front engineered Porsches have never been more
appreciated as for many they now offer the only door into classic pork ownership.

G947 NFD
Recent expenditure totaling over £9000 within the last 3 years/2000 miles includes many
consumable items (detailed below). Some standout features like air conditioning, red pipe on
cream leather and those desirable Lightweight Club Sport rims. Makes a very attractive car.
The drive is fine and it boosts well with no turbo smoke, nice and tight gear change and not
a sound from any suspension components. It runs poker straight with no shudders and the
engine sounds sweet. Prod it a little and it lights up the rear wheels, it has a limited slip
diff (option 220) making for an ever more interesting and fun car to drive the more you learn
to use it. The important timing belt has been changed within the last three years and it has
been serviced recently.

Maintenance & History
Beautifully presented chronologically in a white presentation binder are a file of previous
MoT certificates dating back to 1994 and receipts and invoices dated as far back as 1997.
There are some gaps though it's our understanding the car was stored for a number of years
hence the big spend below on what are mainly recommision items.
The original red stamped service booklet is present with a mixture of dealer and renowned
specialist stamps. The most recent service was in October 2015 this year and only a couple
hundred miles have past since so the oil is still fresh. This car is mechanically superb with
receipt's and invoices detailing expenditure of over £9000 within the last 3years/2000 miles.

Summary Of Recent Work
Since November 2012 within 2000 miles recent work includes:

Timing Belt
Balance Belt
Alternator Belt
V Belt
Fuel, Oil, Air Filters
Distributor Cap
Ignition Leads
Ignition Coil
DME Relay
Speed & Reference cranks sensors
Brake Discs Front & Rear
Brake Pads Front & Rear
Brake Calliper's x4 (New items from Porsche £1500)
Handbrake Cables and Shoes
Fuel Lines
Brake Lines x4
New Steering Rack
Wheel Refurbish
New Tyres
New Stainless Exhaust
+ More..!

The majority of the above are Porsche supplied parts.
These are not reliable cars. Some owners will tell theirs is but collectively they are not. A 944
Turbo can die on you at any moment and with all the dramas that ensues (I have two stories to
tell having being caught out twice). The items that go on these cars are well documented but not
necessarily easy or cheap to resolve. The DME relay, crank sensors and old alarms are the usual
suspects. The next owner of this car will be protected from such dramas, we have just had all of
these breakdown culprits replaced October 2015 with genuine Porsche parts to the tune of £900,
future proof and peace of mind hopefully for a good while yet.

Guards red paintwork. No car that has done over 100k miles and is 25 years old on original
paint could ever look like this. Obviously, it's had an almost complete paint job as there are
no real marks on it, no dents and not really even any stone chips given the little mileage
since. It's not bad at all - it does have the odd chip and imperfection but it's just lovely
to see a clean chip free front end, a deep glossy shine and solid sills. All the gaps line up
perfectly around the doors nose and headlamps. It is all one shade of red with no fade. All
rubber trim around the glass is in good order and the glass itself is superb, the windscreen
has no chips or delamination.

Wheels, Tyres & Brakes
The alloys are the desirable lightweight Club Sport wheels, they have been refinished and each
one is unmarked and the crested centres are as new. These are the definitive rims to have on
your 951, the car handles like a ballet dancer with the correct wheel and tyre set up. Shod
with brand new Bridgestone's on the rear and very healthy Goodyear's up front. The wheel bolts
have all be renewed too, for the finishing touch.

Front- 225/50/16
Rear- 245/45/16

As it also has bright clean paintwork extended inside the rear wheel wells, there is some real
eye candy on display when you get close up - a fresh refurbished wheel with a shiny dressed
tyre, new crested centre cap and new bolts, a new brake disc with a brand new shiny black
caliper with pristine Porsche logos, (£1500+ receipt from Porsche for those calipers alone!) all
sat inside an immaculate clean bright red wheel well. We think it's just lovely this is
obviously the work of a keen enthusiast.

Very smart, linen (cream colour) leather sports chairs. Unusual with red pipe. The steering
wheel is in lovely condition with no missing stitches and a nice shine to the leather with
no scuffs or dull worn patches whatsoever. The gear shifter is in equally good condition
with no wear to the finish and the dash board is free from cracks. Carpets are good and
clean with minimal wear and the carpet sidewalls are complete and untorn from the door seals
and it has a nice set of quality original black over mats in great order. All items appear
to be working. Period Alpine head unit and a 6 disc CD system fitted neatly in the glovebox.
The centre console hinge is perfect and under the armrest every little cassette holder is
still present.

Engine bay
Nearly top marks here, let down only by the patina of some metal parts. It's all nice and
clean bright red in the extremities and up around the bulkhead. No signs of any leaks past or
present. Refinish some of the metal parts here and you will have a potential stunning engine
bay. Usual crack to the flimsy wiper motor cover, I have only ever seen one car that didn't
have this.

It looks amazing but it is not perfect - it is not £20000 either, so there is room for
improvement cosmetically, but more important mechanically there is no concern. There are a
few items to entertain the classic car collector, nothing major, items like the lcd clock
could be replaced as it has done its' half moon thing and the glovebox hinges are a little
wobbly and the brake pad light is on despite it having brand new pads all round, one boot
carpet button is missing and they are no longer available from Porsche. One of the headlamps
has a chip, the a/c isn't cold, heater blows only on speed 1 or speed 4. The refreshed paintwork
is fine but it has little imperfections if you were to scrutinise.
There are a couple of other silly, easy one-spanner Sunday jobs there that once sorted will
take this car to the next level.

A basic HPi search will show this car as being clean and HPi clear.
However a more intensive (or expensive) search into the past will reveal a historic insurance
claim in 1994 and subsequent inspection by Autolign whereupon it was removed entirely from the
register. The correct terminology is Condition Inspected so this is absolutely not registered
as an insurance write off and it is absolutely not CatC or CatD. This is of little significance
today and we are only pointing out in the interest of transparency and to save the inevitable
emails from amateur detectives! As above, it comes back as clear on your basic HPi check.

Other info
V5 Registration Doc
G947 NFD
Mot January 2016 - No advisory
Complete Owners Pack
Stamped Service Book
Many old Mot's from 1994 Onwards
File of History
One Key
Complete tool kit
Air compressor
Unused spare wheel
Porsche air freshener
Porsche keyring

This car represents an important part of Porsche's motoring history and is a pure joy to share
time with and drive. It is mechanically superb and reliable given the massive recent spend. It
has a little snag list to keep the next keeper busy but is on the whole a great car and it is
very pleasant to look at from any angle.



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