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1987 Porsche 944 Turbo
Maraschino Red
95,000 Miles
A/C & Sport Seats
21 Stamps & 3 Files
£21,000 Recent Expenditure

This I do not want to part with, I want to keep this one, one of the nicest 952's I've had the pleasure
of owning. The man who buys this 944 Turbo is getting a well sorted 952 for his money.
This car has just had £21,000 lavished upon it whether it needed it or not. This has been totally without
compromise, a no expenses spared shakedown by some of the most respected professionals in the business.
Mechanically this is as good as it looks, and it looks 10/10.
This is the finished article, it'll stand up to any inpsection and it's ready to show, use or store.

E944 GHD
Supplied by: JCT 600 on 14.10.1987
Chassis: WP0ZZZ95ZJN100185

LY3V Maraschino metallic red
C48 Unlisted
E04 Unlisted
E07 Unlisted
501 Turbo front wing script
567 Top-tinted windscreen
573 Air conditioner
593 ABS Antilock Brake System (Bosch)
650 Detachable roof panel, electrically openable
685 Rear seat backrests individually folding
990 Cloth front seats with leatherette rear side

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Maraschino, cherry metallic and it's stunning, the paint finish is unmarked. All the seals and rubber bits
around the body were replaced during the stripped down glass out respray, the finish is superb of the highest
quality and it should be given there are cumulative bills of £11,000 for bodywork and 187 hours of paintwork.
This car is completely corrosion free and to prove it, included is a presentation file of the entire process,
some 100 photos start to finish. This work was completed by Augment Automotive.

Prior to cosmetics, Cotswold Porsche have been rather busy, with many of the next £10,000 in bills. The belts,
pulleys and tensioners and water pump have just been done along with new fuel lines and fittings front to back
- future proofed for E10 fuel. Serviced with all new fluids and coolant and a huge amount of items replaced,
some listed below, there is nothing left to do but turn the key.

Provenance is equally important for a classic Porsche. There are 21 stamps in the service booklet and the owners
pack is present and complete with all the owner handbooks and handouts. Two sets of keys accompany a complete
tool kit and spare wheel and there are 3 presentation ring binder files. The first with all the receipts and
invoices totalling £35,000 in maintenance. Another with all the historic MOT certificates and related admin,
letters and misc items. Lastly a ring file with 100 printed photographs of the body restoration and refinishing
process start to finish.

Serviced as follows
10.87 668 Porsche JCT600
02.88 5,799 Porsche JCT600
10.88 9,005 Porsche JCT600
03.89 20,147 Porsche JCT600
08.89 26,997 Porsche JCT600
07.91 28,344 Porsche JCT600
01.94 37,326 Nelson Porsche Specialist
11.98 44,589 Nelson Porsche Specialist - Belts
12.00 50,043 Nelson Porsche Specialist
03.02 57,322 Nelson Porsche Specialist
03.04 61,377 Tom Ferguson Porsche Specialist
02.05 64,465 Tom Ferguson Porsche Specialist
03.06 65,033 RLR Ltd Porsche Specialist
05.07 67,547 Tom Ferguson Porsche Specialist
04.08 71,036 Tom Ferguson Porsche Specialist
05.09 75,824 Tom Ferguson Porsche Specialist
05.10 77,977 Tom Ferguson Porsche Specialist
08.12 83,099 Dave Griffith Racing Ltd Independent Porsche Service - Belts
10,14 85,648 JJC Race & Rally
11,17 92,120 JJC Race & Rally
06,21 94,488 Cotswold Porsche Specialist - Belts & w.pump, fuel lines

Recent work includes
187 hour glass out respray
Body rubber seals and gaskets
Wheel refurbish
4 Michelin tyres 225.50.16
Fuel lines & fittings complete
Fuel filter
Oil, filter & sump seal
Air filter (K&N panel)
Bosch spark plugs
Timing belt, balance belt, PAS belt
Belt tensioners & pulleys & seals
Water hose
Injector flush
Wheel speed sensor
CV boots
Track rod end
Ball joint
Wheel bearing
Throttle cable
Gear linkage
Washer jet
DME relay
+ more too much to list

Bills totaling £20,954 within the last 1000 miles.

Stunning. The paint finish is of the highest quality and it's unmarked, no chips dents or scratches - and this
is a corrosion free car, top to bottom and underneath. The cabin is very fresh and clean and with no major or
even minor wear to note. The chairs steal the show, I have not seen this cloth seat option before and it's way
more comfortable than leather ever could be. Nothing broken, missing or worn, all nice and dry with no warped
trim or dash cracks. The burgundy finished steering wheel and gear shifter are in perfect order with next to no
colour wear. This is really really nice and is in keeping with the presentation of the exterior.

Under the bonnet is stunning, it looks like someone has spent a painstaking time cataloguing and replacing
the nuts, bolts, washers and jubilee clips and it's clean enough to dine from. A labour of love and a jaw
dropping delight when the bonnet is lifted. The same theme carries over inside the luggage compartment at the
rear, it's immaculate throughout with clean fresh carpets and the original cloth luggage cover is present.

Wheels are beautifully refinished D90's each one with a new Michelin tyre dated 2022 and they have not done
any miles yet. 225/50/16 on each corner with a 20mm spacer to fill the wheel arches.

This 944 Turbo is a dream on wheels, it has been prepared to the highest of standards and represents the best of
the model. The drive is fantastic, it's supple but tight, light and easy to use and is a joy to throw about the
B roads. The engine is extremely lively and fun to rev, the boost and power delivery is highly addictive making
you want to boost at every opertunity any up shift will allow. It's good enough to stick away forever or to take
to shows and reliable enough to tour Europe with and you will just love looking at the wonderful colour and
lines under the lights in your garage. I really don't want to sell this one.

Other Info
V5 Registration document
MoT expires Nov 2023
Service booklet 21 stamps
2 sets of keys
Spare wheel
File of history
File of MoT's & admin
Photo album
HPI clear in all respects


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