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Iconic British Motor Car
Very Low Warranted 70000 miles
Beautiful Condition

You could spend double the money on a used Bentley and not get half the
car this example is, its truly lovely all over.
This is the ultimate expression of enhanced comfort and convenience, and
as such is a great devourer of distances. Aside the looks powerful 6.0 litre
12 cylinder twin turbo engine producing 550 bhp is superfluous. Despite this
incredible power it's almost silent as you waft along in comfort. In the last
few years, the car has been owned by a Wedding car firm around the shores of
Loch Lomond and used sparingly and stored indoors.

The Continental
Pushing the go pedal at standstill will elicit an antediluvian sound similar
to the rumblings of distance thunder. Tilt the indicator and it’s the same
click clack you heard in your grandfather’s clock. The penny drops the moment
you enter the car and look out over a long bonnet that seems as if it was
derived straight from the Silver Ghost. Climbing aboard the interior is akin
to stepping into the drawing room of a members only gentleman’s club of a
world long ago. All these acute experiences make every other so-called luxury
car feel stupid and pointless by comparison.

The Drive
This Bentley drives faultlessly under way, sounds from wind and road barely
infiltrate. This model marks a hugely impressive feat in noise cancelation
engineering even by today’s standards. The vehicle is a delight to drive
sitting perfectly on all four corners and ensures that you, the driver,
are completely removed from the act. Every action feels like a request
rather than something you yourself execute. A unique experience.

The quality will remain long after the price has been forgotten. The
interior is overstuffed with wood and leather furniture. The Connolly
hide is thick. The deep pile carpeting gently caresses the soles of your
shoes, and the gloss of the box wood on burl inlays reflect a mastery of
craftsmanship. The Comfortable contoured power seats are just as comfortable
as your favourite armchair. A sumptuously luxurious interior with natural
grain leather and hand-tailored to perfection. Its hand-crafted veneers
rival that of fine home furnishings. The Bentley leaves no room for compromise.

* UK Delivery available
* Finance available
* All px considered
* Owners pack & drivers manual
* Totally hpi clear
* Guaranteed warranted mileage
* Toolkit

An opportunity to enter the modern classic car scene with a bang, and with a car
that impresses on every level. A glance at the recent market tells me that the
Continental is still around the bottom if its price curve, it has failed to
move at any rate if at all with values of other arguably far inferior models,
which is surely not a situation that will continue for much longer. The day
will arrive when a historic Bentley such as this will be worth a lot of
money and this car represents an opportunity to get in on the scene with a
highly together example with zero depreciation and perhaps a return even in
the short term.
Get hold of a nice Flying Spur saloon in good order, and waft about knowing that the
world is wondering who you might be, and what you might stand for. Whilst you are
doing so; just reflect on this, enigmatic is supposed to be the new cool.


Let us sell your car
We are always looking for classic cars in all states of repair. Our expertise lies in vehicle's from
the 1970s onward and we have a unique marketing strategy that is time proven. Remove the hassle from
selling your car get in contact now for a chat. We offer a professional and friendly service with
two different sales options detailed below.

Outright purchase
The most direct approach to sell your car. We will inspect the vehicle and carry out a data and
history check. A price can then be agreed based on the current market value and overall condition.
The funds will then be securely transferred to your designated bank account.

Commision based sale
This option achieves the best possible price for your car and removes the hassle of having to prepare
and advertise, arrange viewings and organise payment with potential buyers. You can also rest assured
that your car will be pampered and kept in safe hands during the process if storage is required.

We will inspect the car and carry out a history and data check. We'll have an open discussion with you
about the valuation of the car and together decide on a realistic sale price. At this point we might
also suggest additional work which would enable you to achieve the maximum price for the vehicle, for
example, professional detailing, wheel refurbishment, servicing, paintwork correction and other
specialist reconditioning services often without having to book in and wait. We will get the best
price for your car. All classics welcome.
Please contact us for further details.

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