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1985 Ford Escort Cosworth 4x4

Here's something a little different/insane, a MK3 Escort 4x4 Cosworth.
Built some 10 years ago by R&R Auto Developments, I understand this is a MK3 Escort
body on a 4x4 Sierra Cosworth floorpan with complete cosworth running gear.. and it
works, OMG it works well!

Running around 350 bhp with 17-18 psi of boost, highly tuneable you can set this up
to suit your yourself. Adjustable Gaz coilovers, antilag, stainless exhaust,
Bridgestone tyres. Pops, bangs, flames - this is a proper hoot to drive.

Condition is rather good, the conversion was some 10 years ago using a 73,000 mile 3
door Escort 1.1 base model and a 4x4 Sapphire Cosworth. It has been dry stored off
the road for some time since 2012 to 2017 when it had a good going over and it was
MoT'd, enjoyed for a few miles then stored again.
The drive is exhilirating, it's a harsh stiff ride with the current set up and there's a
few rattles but it works and it goes. It makes some amazing noises on boost which it
does do very well. It's very thirsty for fuel, especially with the antilag swiched on.  
Everything has been pictured to see. A little blister on each side of the rear
valance and a couple of incidentals of a little bubble in the paint which can
be seen in the images below. Not bad at all for 37 years old.

The cabin has lovely Recaro chairs from the Sierra front and rear and all appears in
good order. Dash has no splits. It's worth noting the front chairs are from a saloon car 
so they do not recline forward to allow access to the rear seats, one could clamber into
the back of course but safety first, best treat this as a 2 seater.
Everything seems to work apart from the rev counter. It starts off the key
and runs great once it warms, you can drive it properly at speed though because it has
been so little used for some time I would not consider this a reliable means of
transport to cross the country with until it has had a good going over, so best to bring
a trailer or we can arrange delivery.

I'll take a PX on this if I can, try me.

Other Info
V5C/2 New keeper Supplement
MoT 12 months
Escort 1993cc 16v Turbo on V5
HPI clear
2 Keys
2 Remotes
Proper lunacy
Gets lots of attention


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