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2001 AUDI RS4 B5 - Iconic Old School Masterclass
Milltek down pipes with 200 cell cats
Giac Quality 450 bhp Tune
KW3 Suspension
Fantastic Original Example

This is becoming a very rare sight on UK roads now, the odd one popping up at car shows
or summer night blats. Rightly developing into the cult the RS2 has become and leagues
ahead of it in reality as a true performance machine. The examples remaining on our
shores are in the main very nice examples owned by enthusiasts tucked away in garages,
the rest are modified too far, not that the hardware can’t take it.

This one has had lowish owners, eight and been in ownership for the last 11 years by
an Audi aficionado owning two other old timer performance models. It has a truly superb
paper history that runs into more than the asking price in £s and is in fabulous
original condition with as it left the factory period spec unaltered aside some
discreet engine and exhaust performance enhancements.

I purchased her tail end of last year alongside another from the same home. The
car had been with the chap since 2012. He had acquired it from the then owner of
Racetech who is now involved with Gumpert UK/Autograph cars, so it came from a very
good home. I actually called him and had a chat and he supplied me with lots of
information, much of which is detailed below and saved trawling through the
considerable paperwork.
In the last 11 years its only covered 16k, 3k of them mine as I have actually used
this one myself, and I have spent some money on it (detailed below) in the right areas
future proofing it, so its fully tried and tested. She drives superbly with 450 bhp
which is the sweet spot of usable power for the weight and our UK roads, with a stock
pretty much silent stock exhaust system from cats back. Milltek down pipes with 200
cell cats alongside a mild map. The new KW3 variant springs and shocks
supply a fluid stable ride retaining the stock aesthetics and ride height.

The timing belt I had changed by Stirling Audi dealer at cost of £700 December 22.
I also had them change the alternator belt and had the alternator
refurbished. The oil was changed then also with oem filter and Titan Silkolene Pro
S racing oil. I also had the alloys refurbished due to the odd minor mark and 2 new Goodyear
tyres fitted. This B5 drives superbly and is totally reliable.
The most recent owner has kept a lovely paper trail for servicing and testing every
year. I will re MOT upon sale.

There is no other car available today this side of £50K that can offer the all round
usability, driveability, practicality, and performance of a correctly tuned B5 RS4.
I hear you think oh but what about this model or that model? This is old school, and
in the goldilocks zone of what is largely agreed to be the golden age of performance
cars, where electronics were synced just right to involve the driver in the input and

Together with the box file of receipts I have the leather wallet with all manuals
including the original service booklet stamped 14 times and radio code.
This B5 is ready to be used and enjoyed. Now covered 141000 miles, which is nothing
for this Teutonic build quality.

Recent Spend
- Timing belt (Stirling Audi)
- Alternator refurbished and new belt.
- Oil serviced with engine flush.
- New front tyres
- Professionally detailed
- New mot upon sale


Comments From The Former Owner
I purchased this car in Feb 2008 as a short term stop gap as my R34 Skyline was in the body
shop for repair (truck reversed into it). The RS4 was such a good all-rounder and practical
car that I actually sold the R34 when it came back from the body shop and kept the RS4.

I paid £ 16,500 for her at the time and have carried out the following work during my ownership.
This was done in our own workshops by my own mechanics - as I co-own Gumpert UK (Autograph Cars
- formerly known as Racetech UK):

All new bushes and engine mounts
Milltek down pipes with 200 cell cats
Milltek resonated system (later removed as it was TOO LOUD and I am very fussy),
GIAC 450bhp remap (we are a dealer and it is very good software),
4 new Goodyear F1 tyres
New MAF and Map sensor
New spark plugs - Iridium
Oil & filter changed ever 4K miles,
Gearbox oil and rear diff oil changed earlier this year,
Just had new ECU (faulty barometric pressure sensor in ECU),
+ other bits that I can't remember.

Car comes with full history,

28/06/2001 0 First registered

24/12/2001 10,378 Service Addison Audi (Newcastle)

17/05/2002 21,010 Service Mill Audi (Sunderland)

17/10/2002 30,194 Service Mill Audi (Sunderland)

16/05/2003 40,287 Service & Cambelt Addison Audi (Newcastle)

21/11/2003 50,065 Service Newcastle Audi

14/06/2004 65,054 Service Wearside Audi

30/09/2005 Aerial, wiper blades Dovercourt Audi £51.85

05/10/2005 73,647 Service & Cambelt Fontain Audi (Bucks) £859.21

14/10/2005 4 new wheels (hard) Dovercourt Audi Warranty

15/10/2005 Wheel alignment Feltham Tyre Centre £54.00

20/10/2005 Wheel bearing Fontain Audi (Bucks) £46.79

25/01/2006 Viper dump valves AMD £544.15

25/01/2006 Lambda probe AMD £299.76

09/02/2006 Head gasket & Remap AMD £1,554.45

02/03/2006 i-Pod dock Auto Audio £129.13

09/03/2006 77,000 New oil cooler & Lambda APS £1,199.99

01/06/2006 VAG Dump Valves APS £143.02

26/07/2006 New clutch APS £706.58

11/10/2006 83,572 Service Fontain Audi (Bucks) £850.00

19/02/2007 86,121 Rear brakes & guide links APS £986.48

04/05/2007 Tyre Munster Tyres £156.57

18/02/2008 91,615 MOT S & B Autos (Bradford) £50.00

03/04/2008 93,100 Service, spark plugs Racetech UK £400.00

14/04/2008 New ECU Dyalinx Performance £332.53

Apr-08 GIAC, Milltek DP + CATS Gumpert UK Ltd (Burnley) £2,000.00

Aug-08 96,000 Engine mounts, bushes Gumpert UK Ltd (Burnley) £600.00

Feb-09 100,000 Service + MOT + 4 Tyres Gumpert UK Ltd (Burnley) £800.00

Apr-09 104,000 Service Gumpert UK Ltd (Burnley) £250.00

Jul-09 108,000 Big service + new clutch Gumpert UK Ltd (Burnley) £1,200.00

Sep-09 110,000 New ECU (sensor failed) Gumpert UK Ltd (Burnley) £450.00

Add the servicing costs (not costed in the above) + other expenditure and this car has had
well over £16,000 spent on it over the years + regular servicing by my own mechanics.

Mileage records show that on its 1st birthday it had covered 21,010 miles, 2nd birthday
40,287 miles, 3rd birthday 65,054 miles. This was all motorway mileage covered.
In year 4 the car only covered approx 5K miles (70K), Year 5 covered approx 10K miles (80K),
In the next 2 years (to Feb 2008) the car only covered approx 11K miles (91K).

In this time the car was owned by two different members of RS246.com. It was at this time
that I bought the car. She had done 91,600 miles and I have driven the car as my mail daily
driver since. She had now clocked up over 110K miles (thats another 19K miles in 18 months).
The car has been driven as intended but has been serviced meticulously.

The car has just had a full OEM clutch fitted along with a new wheel bearing and service.
Suspension is standard and original so a PSS9 or similar kit would tighten her up.

Cam belt was last done at the end of 2005 (73,600 miles).

Interior is near mint technical cloth - even the drivers seat has no wear (see pics).

So to recap. Milltek down pipes and 200 cell cats, standard catback exhaust (quiet), car
made 456.25bhp last month (using MAF reading calculation) and pulls like a train.


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