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Warranted 96714 Miles
Air Con & Cruise

F583 PHM
First registered 14.09.1988 and showing seven previous owners, this genuine and
elusive 16 valve full pressure turbo S in 3 door guise is finished in iconic
flat Black with deep dish two tone Super Aero rims. Cutting a rather striking
profile this is a classic Saab that is guaranteed to raise the pulse of any
serious car enthusiast. The vehicle is fantastic in and out on the move, with
the rare factory option of air conditioning and cruise control amongst
the standard high S specification.

Service History
A considerable amount of money and time has bene invested in the last few years.
The car ahs been dry stored on a battery conditioner and as such looks fantastic
every time its rolled into daylight. Below is a summary of relevant work completed
within the last twenty thousand miles.

- Gearbx rebuilt
- New clutch
- Flywheel refaced
- Front and rear discs replaced
- New starter motor
- New water pump
- New starter motor
- New fuel tank and new straps
- Exhaust rubbers replaced
- Fuel return pipe replaced
- New headlining
- Coolant hoses replaced
- Rear brake pipes replaced
- New battery earth
- o/s/f cv gator
- New coolant tank
- New fan belt
- New brake light switch
- New front brake hose
- New front suspension bushes
- Intercooler serviced
- Oil switch & ETC sensor replaced
- Taligate latch replaced
- New throttle switch
- New dizzy cap & rotor arm

Setting this car apart is its original unaltered condition, this is not a
restored Saab, its an original survivor that has been extremely well
maintained and as such been spared the ravages of time. The knowledgeable
owners have taken precautions applying a proactive approach to ownership,
servicing and preservation. The condition of the bodywork is great with
zero rust or even any blemishes worth sensible comment. Underneath the bonnet
presents very well, as do the inside of the doors and most importantly the
underside is bone dry with no nasty surprises.

The Saab 900 Cult
The classic world is at last waking up to the classic Saab, like all the real
Saab's its as timeless now as it was then, and they were the real deal. Classic
cars come and go but the appeal of some remains constant and none more so than
the 900 - the last real Saab say some of the marque's cognoscenti. Think of it
as a time-warped Sixties swinger but with MTV street cred and a style and look
that was as unique as Citroen's. All of which is why the last Saab 900 -
manufactured until 1993 - became an instant classic upon its demise, and
remains a sought after though little remembered classic as yet, though time
has a habit of changing things.

Owning a late model Saab 900 is an easy way to being different and this modern
classic is one that anyone would be deeply proud to be the next custodian, its
ready to be used and enjoyed and stored with sympathy, and would be the envy
of any Saab show it entered. With values of young timer Fords Vauxhalls Mercs
and Bmws rising, this is a bit different and is a model that has a proper
depth to the build quality and engineering, one of the coolest cult cars ever

Saab Innovation
Things like the world's first side impact bars, the first pollen and pollution
filter for the cabin air system, and windscreen pillars made of 2.5mm rolled
steel, were all unique Saab traits. Lift up the carpet and you will find box
section steel beams like no other car, reinforcing the floor. The 900 was so
far ahead in safety terms at its 1979 launch that it stayed safe until its
discontinuation in 1993 after nearly a million cars were made. Driving the
Saab 900 is a world away from today's flat-screened greenhouses. You sit
deep behind a unique curved windscreen with a dashboard that rolls away for
acres. The windscreen is slot-like and your knees go under the fascia - not
over it. It is more like sitting in a deep Victorian cast iron bath. The
seats feel orthopaedic, and the boot space is massive, I could go on and
on...and I will.....

The 900 was Saabs best ever selling car and they have always overflowed
with feeling. Like Rolex, Apple or Harley-Davidson, there is something
mysterious – albeit modest and Scandinavian – about Saab that, over the
years, has transcended its marketing and publicity materials and been
appropriated by the people who drive the cars. The phenomenon examining
the behaviour of Saab drivers, you discover a hierarchy, also known as
“Snaabery" often defined by owning an original, pre-GM Saab; rituals and
moral responsibilities: flashing your lights at other Saab drivers and
helping them out of trouble; oppositional loyalties: despising BMWs;
and myth-making: notably “How Saab saved my life” stories about
crashes in which the cars lay down their lives for their owners.

Remember you get what you pay for in life, the quality of this 900 will
remain long after the price has been forgotten. Be mindful that currently
there are very few of these models licensed and on the road. Investment
wise this is easily tipped as a model that will multiply in value in
coming years, think about it..

Other Information
V5 Registration document
Goodyear Eagle tyres fitted all round
New MOT & service to accompany sale


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We are always looking for classic cars in all states of repair. Our expertise lies in vehicle's from
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This option achieves the best possible price for your car and removes the hassle of having to prepare
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We will inspect the car and carry out a history and data check. We'll have an open discussion with you
about the valuation of the car and together decide on a realistic sale price. At this point we might
also suggest additional work which would enable you to achieve the maximum price for the vehicle, for
example, professional detailing, wheel refurbishment, servicing, paintwork correction and other
specialist reconditioning services often without having to book in and wait. We will get the best
price for your car. All classics welcome.
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