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Porsche 944 Turbo S
Genuine '88 Special Model M758 'S'
Alpine White / Black Leather
32 Services
8 Belt Changes
4 Comprehensive Files of History
Porsche Post cover car Nov' 2004

Chassis: WP0ZZZ95ZJN101642
Engine: 47J01455
Date of registration: 01.08.1988

Only 70 RHD Turbo S cars were produced from a total of some 1600 cars worldwide, 63 of the 70 cars were in
the Silver Rose paint colour scheme with a pink plaid cloth cabin that only an owner in denial could love.
Just 7 of the reputed RHD cars were painted in a customer chosen colour scheme. This car is 1 of those 7.
How many remain is a good question but it's fair to say you are very likely looking at the only Alpine
White Turbo 'S' making this somewhat of a unicorn Porsche - even with a limitless budget simply trying to
find another could be a long and futile search.
This example is a one-of spin off of an already rare Porsche, not only is the S a rare model, this is a rare S.

Factory Specification
C16 UK car
030 Sport chassis lowered/adjustable 'Koni' suspension
150 Without catalytic converter
220 Limited slip differential
288 Headlamp washers
335 Rear seat belts
383 Passenger sport seat electric adjust
387 Driver sport seat electric adjust
418 Protective side moldings
462 Securiflex laminated windscreen
490 High Fidelity package (8 speaker system with amp)
501 Turbo front wing lettering
567 Top tinted windscreen
573 Air conditioning
593 ABS braking system
685 Split rear seat backrest
758 Special model 944 Turbo 1988, Turbo S
946 Partial leather front seats

Service History
This is a special car and potentially the only one of it's kind. Fortunately this was understood by
previous keepers who have retained a gargantuan file of history, it's actually 4 large files!
What surely must be among the largest comprehensive history files ever to accompany a motor vehicle, with
some 32 services and 8 timing belts changes there is a huge amount of retained information spanning 35
years including..

~ A comprehensive, detailed typed summary of major works from 1988 to present
~ Bill of sale from Porsche
~ Every receipt and invoice from 1990 to present for seemingly everything other than fuel
~ All historic MoT's
~ Historic correspondence and misc. administration
~ Dyno tuning printouts
~ Historic inspection reports and HPi checks
~ Turbo S specific dealer info' pack 'Porsche 944 Turbo S '88 Information Technik'
~ Workshop 'General Information: 944 Turbo S (Special Model M 758) Service Training Centre' manual
~ Historic magazine articles
~ Porsche Post issue November 2004, cover feature car


Click the link above to view a video of the history files

This large history covers some 4 dedicated A4 ring binder files, each one nicely presented in a presentation
file with each paper item within it's own poly pocket with everything documented in chronological order.
An item of particular usefulness, there's a detailed printout summary of all service work and items
replaced since it was new in 1988 to the present day, covering 3 sides of A4 this is a go-to snapshot of
provenance that saves a lot of time flicking through the reams of receipts.

This is not a mistake below, there really has been 32 engine services. There is a corresponding receipt
in the file for each entry below. There's over £30,000 of receipts in the file for maintenance on this
special model Porsche over it's lifetime. There is paper evidence on file for every entry detailed below.

32 Services & 8 belt changes

09.88 1,140
04.89 6,042
06.90 19,076
12.90 23,807
03.92 37,041
12.92 44,786
09.93 51,616 belts
03.94 57,642
08.94 61,074
11.94 64,040
12.94 64,675 belts
09.96 68,949
10.96 74,732
01.97 77,981 belts
08.97 81,969
03.98 85,167
09.98 88,003
06.99 92,334
10.99 94,283
05.00 96,328
12.00 97,097 belts
05.01 98,592
04.02 104,095
08.03 109,192
08.04 111,217 belts
08.05 113,311
03.07 115,104
08.08 116,073 belts
08.10 117,877
06.11 119,500
09.12 118,822 belts
08.20 121,742 belts

Current miles 121,xxx

Recent work
The most recent timing belt change was in August 2020. This included rollers, tensioners and the balance
belts, a front oil seal kit and PAS belt. A comprehensive engine service with Mobil1 fully synthetic oil,
a new KnN air filter element, coolant and other fluids, spark plugs and lots of misc.' items required to
recomission it after an extended period in storage.
In September 2021 it got new brake discs and pads, pipes and flexis, shoes and cables and the calipers
rebuilt and number of other misc. items to prepare it for MoT.

File 1
Service History 1988 - Present
This first of 4 A4 presentation files contains the service history from 1988 to present day. It begins
with a detailed 3 page summary of services and significant work all painstakingly typed and dated
showing an 'at a glance' record of maintenance from 1988 when it was new until this present day.
Following this, it has 2" deep of receipts and invoices all presented in chronological order from present
day back to 1988. There is a receipt for each of the 32 services and 8 timing belts noted above.
This alone would be remarkable but there is so much more.

File 2
MOT's Inspections & Sales Receipts, Changes of Keepers and Administration

The second A4 presentation ring binder contains all the historic MOT certificates. Beyond this there are
sales receipts for whenever the car changed hands and copies of historic adverts when it was advertised for
sale. There are historic pre-purchase inspection reports and HPI reports.
Further back we have correspondence from Porsche to the first keepers, immobiliser certificates and
original bills of sale from Porsche plus much more, too much to begin to list.

File 3
Performance & Tuning, Printouts and Turbo S Information

This file contains all historic rolling road dyno printouts and tuning information, there is quite a lot
of printouts and information within. Also in the file is some very interesting production data for the
Turbo S specific model detailing how many worldwide and of each colour were produced etc.
Of particular interest here there is a copy of the 'Porsche 944 Turbo S '88 Information Technik' that
would have been circulated internally to dealers back in the day and a copy of the 'General Information:
944 Turbo S (Special Model M 758) Service Training Centre' manual.

File 4
Articles & Misc.' Information

This final file has a huge amount of reading information. It begins with a collection of press reviews and
magazine articles about the 944 Turbo and S from around the time when this was a modern vehicle. Cut outs
and print outs and photographs and curios in reams abound.
There is a collection of printed articles from the internet - a huge amount of printed information from the
early days of the web that will now be lost to the sands of time. It's of keen interest as anytime the
previous owner had say a tuning problem he would ask for advice online and record the resolution thus
another avenue of history is created and printed out here.

There's more
Lastly there is a workshop manual on disc and a Porsche Post from November 2004 when this car was featured
on the front cover - in an arty photo under some autumnal acer trees. It's a special car, it has a suitable
amount of provenance to match.


Click the link above to view a video of the history files

Alpine white
No Sunroof
Turbo script on front wing
Turbo rear script
Porsche rear script
Clear stone guard foils
Number plate plinths

It's had the lower wings and sills done and because after near 35 years the old paint and rubber work had
lost their lustre, it's had the full glass out re-paint. Every bit of rubber seal and gasket around the
body has been replaced, around all the glass, handles, doors, everything. It now has a finish befitting of
of a rare and appreciating classic Porsche.
All the fine details are correct, coloured alloys aside this is very similar to how it was presented back
in the showroom 1988.

Black leather deep bolster sports chairs
Club sport steering wheel
10 Speaker HiFi (M490)
Leather gear knob
Clean dry carpets
Porsche floor mats

The cabin, like the body is in top condition. The leather's in great order with minimal wear. Every detail
is present, nothing is missing or broken or worn. The gear shifter and steering wheel are new items
replaced at great expense to ensure the driving controls match the standard of the rest of the car. The
LCD clock works, no missing bits of trim, warped or worn items and no cracks in the dash. It's been garaged
for decades so there's hardly, if any fading to the trim. The carpets are immaculate and the floor mats are
brand new items they have literally never seen a shoe.

Engine Bay
Nice and clean under the lid, everything appears bright and fresh. The attention to detail is carried over
into fine details you don't see until you look closer - which is when most classics will drop the ball,
this one just gets better the closer you look. With new parts and refinished components, a closer look
reveals fine details like little screws, yellow zinc nuts and bolts and jubilee clips appear as new.
This is clean, show worthy and very pleasing on the eye.

Turbo S lightweight Club Sport alloys
Bridgestone S02 tyres
Original Porsche alloy centre caps

Original Fuchs Club Sport light weight rims that were exclusive to the Turbo S. These are pristine and in
great order, finished in pearl silver.
Each wheel has a matching Bridgestone S02 tyre, these are the choice premium tyres for the car and they are
very hard to come by as they are now discontinued in this size. They have plenty of tread left and there is
one spare S02 tyre that will accompany the car to keep you going.
Finished with the original Porsche alloy centre cap and the correct lightweight black nuts, a lovely sight
that only gets better up close as split new brake discs come into view.

M758 Special Model 944 Turbo 1988, Turbo S
So what exactly is all the fuss about? Well if you ask google you'll find some good information and alot
of spurious 'facts' about how the special S model differed from the normal Turbo. Lucky we have here on
copy the 'Porsche Service: 944 Turbo S '88 information Technik', the booklet detailing all the technical
deviations from the standard model in great detail, this would have been circulated to dealer service
departments back in 1988.
The enclosed '88 Turbo S brochure has even more flavour, presented in layman's terms for you and I, a
quick glean through the pages with some highlights noted below.

It says..

'The experience with the running gear of the 944 Turbo Cup cars entered in racing events is transferred to
the 944 Turbo S. Handling produced with this very sporty running gear system has led to less rolling and
riding comfort'.

Engine power 184kW
K 26 - 2670 GGA 8.11 Turbo charger
Fuel & ignition curve families are different
Charge pressure is 70 mbar higher in full load range (1.82 bar absolute pressure)
Exhaust valves are natrium cooled
Sport running gear M030 'Koni' can be adjusted infinitely to individual applications
Front wheel brakes from the 928 S4
Stronger limited slip differential
Clutch disk cemented additionally, two stage steel damper
Body paint finish in 'silver rose metallic' (not this car, it's alpine white)
Interior in burgundy multicolour (not this car, it has black leather)
Control arms rubber mounts are harder
Larger wheel hubs 2.85 mm longer
S version coil springs have a harder rating
Front axle stabilser
Modified stub axles to take 928 S4 caliper
Several changes to rear suspension inc' rear torsion bar is 25.5 mm, harder mounts and 'Koni' shocks
Forged Club Sport anodised rims
Fender edges wrapped around towards the insides to accommodate 9" rear wheel (rolled rear arches as standard)
Reinforcement plates on side members and wheel housings give the bodyshell additional strength, which in
turn meant changes in the engine compartment: relocated water hose to expansion tank, relocated water hose
to water pump in turbo charger cooling circuit, relocated mount for ignition coil.
Clutch with integrated friction plates
Transmission external oil cooler
Limited slip diff has stronger 2.5mm inner plates (hardened 1st and 2nd gear)
& there is lots more about dedicated options codes and variations in spec depending on the world market.. much
too much to list here.

Porsche Service: 944 Turbo S '88 information Technik
Turbo S technical deviations from the standard model (this is from Porsche, not the internet)
Firstly the S model can be identified by the chassis and engine numbers falling with a certain range.
Chassis number falls between WPOZZZ95ZJN100001 – 1875
Engine type M44/52 numbered within the range of 47J00001 – 47J01830
Engine power output increased to 184 kW / 250 HP at 6000 RPM
Maximum torque increased to 350 Nm / 249.9 ft. lbs. at 4000 RPM
Max. litre output 74.2 kW/ltr / 100.8 HP/ltr
Single plate dry clutch with wide angle torsion damper
Transmission type 016 R AOR with oil cooling system and modified and hardened limited slip differential
Shock absorbers double pipe, low gas pressure shocks with adjustable height & rebound stage from 'Koni'
Springs 124mm diameter top, 110 mm middle
Stabiliser pipe diameter 26.8 x 4 mm
Rear torsion bar diameter 25.5 mm
ABS brakes standard
Four piston calipers with 36 + 44 mm pistons (928 S4)
Brake discs 304mm, 32mm thickness
Club Sport wheel rims with Goodyear Eagle tyres
225/50 VR 16 7 J x 16 offset 65mm
245/45 VR 16 9 J x 16 offset 60mm
Track width front 1457 mm
Track width rear 1436 mm
Curb weight 1360kg / 1350kg (with/without catalytic converter)
Gross weight 1645kg / 1670kg (with/without catalytic converter)
Top speed 260 km/h / 162 mph
0-100 km/h 5.7 seconds
0-60 mph 5.5 seconds
Kilometer from standing start 24.5 seconds
1/4 mile from standing start 13.5 seconds
Fuel consumption city/highway/combined 20.7 34.6 25.3 mpg

It is worth noting that many of the above upgrades made it onto the later '89 model cars as standard equipment
while some items were offered only as optional extras. The Cup car inspired items remained exclusive to the
M758 special model cars: the rigid chassis strengthening plates (inc the collateral changes required to the
engine bay) and the hardened LSD gears for example and the later cars had a sunroof where the S has a sunroof
deleted bodyshell for weight saving and rigidty and there were the other weight saving items like the plastic
'Securiflex' windshield and the unique Club Sport forged rims that never made it beyond the '88 S cars either.
Therefore, subtly it 'feels' different to the '86 and '89 Turbo because the Turbo S is a Turbo Cup inspired car.

Garage queen
I have owned my mega rare 944 Turbo S for 2 years.
It's kept in a carpeted garaged on trickle so it starts off the key when required. In my opinion it runs
and drives great and there is very little room for improvement outside of being silly. To really appreciate
how this drives and how different it is to a regular Turbo you need to have driven a good number of 944's,
n/a's and Turbo's, this is a nimble, tight and rigid driver but still very easy to use and it corners like
it's on rail tracks, a proper race inspired machine compared to the normal Turbo.
There are no performance modifications to my knowledge this is totally standard.
I will MoT it for the new owner upon request.

Other Info
V5 Registration document
121,000 miles
Service history files x4
Owners pack
4 keys
Complete toolkit
Spare wheel
HPi clear


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